Why Buy KYK

KOREA’s No. 1
> 30 year of water science research
> 30 international awards & certifications, most awarded internationally
> 130 patents in the related alkaline water technologies


KYK Alkaline Water is backed by years of research, received awards and accolades from leading Korea, USA government and non-governmental organizations. KYK Alkaline Water Ionizers have incorporated the latest technologies and design elements to create the best health enhancement water for your entire family.

• Dr Kim has conducted research in water for more than 30 years, and has received Korea’s most prestigious Jang Young-Shil Science and Culture Foundation Award.
• Recognized by Korea Standard Association, Korea Academy of Commodity Science and Technology as the Best products of Korea as recent as 2007; Endorsed by Korea Food and Drug Administration, US Food and Drug Administrations for safety and efficacy.
• Progressive and up-to-date technologies such as SMPS Switch Mode Power Supply ensure an accurate pH is produced while reducing noise, heat and energy consumption. Patented slotted design large platinum coated titanium plates offering up to 170 square inches of ionization area ensure reliable and long lasting ionization performance – which is more than double of what is generally offered in the market.
• Launch of New and Upgraded 99.99% Purity Platinum Coated Electrode Plates as announced on Yahoo! News on Nov, 17, 2012.

Watch KYK Water Science & Technology Video 2012 Nov (07:00)




H2O LIFE SOURCE is Singapore & South East Asia #1 and largest alkaline water specialist company. We have successful operations in Singapore, Thailand, Australia, Myanmar, Indonesia-Batam and now launching in Malaysia and the Philippines.
Many of our customers tell us that we have professional and knowledgeable friendly staff and we are grateful for their supports.
H2O LIFE SOURCE offers extended warranty, installation and education programs and more. H2O Life Source is the strategic partner of KYK Corporation in Asia, and we bring in the most trustworthy and reliable alkaline water ionizer which is 100% made and imported from Korea. KYK Alkaline Water Ionizer is manufactured in a facility that has passed the most stringent quality standard that complies with ISO International Standard Organization and Good Manufacturing Practice for medical products. KYK Water Ionizers and their components are 100% made in Korea. KYK brand is well trusted by consumers in Singapore, Korea and USA.


Made in Korea with the KOTRA Seal of Excellence

KYK, the Most Awarded Brand Internationally
Awards and Certificates


KYK Genesis Water Ionizers are 100% made in Korea by KYK Corporation


Here are the facts:


There are many reasons why customers love the KYK Genesis Ionizers: prestigious awards and certifications, largest platinum ionization plates, SMPS, slotted plating, adjustable pH settings. It also uses dual filtration, touch screen with automatic water flow control and voice prompts. Recently there have been some rumours that confused our customers, and we received calls from concerned customers. Here are the facts to avoid any confusion:


100% Made in Korea


All KYK Alkaline Water Ionizers are 100% Made in Korea. The ionization cells are also made in Korea, and not imported from another third world country.


Made by KYK Corporation


The award-winning KYK Alkaline Water Ionizers are designed and manufactured at KYK Corporation’s facility. The manufacturing facility has been certified by Korea Food and Drug Administration cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice), ISO9000 and other relevant certifications.


KYK water ionizer are not supplied by another OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) company.


Market Leadership


KYK Corporation is the undisputed, recognized market leader in the water ionizer industry. Recently the KYK Alkaline Water Ionizers have been awarded the SEAL OF EXCELLENCE by KOTRA – Korea International Trade Agency. KYK Water Ionizer is the only water company that has won this prestigious award.


KYK Corporation’s market leadership is backed by 30 years of research, more than 30 Korean and international awards and 130 patents.


Please feel free to contact us or refer to enclosed “KYK Product Notification Letter 20100701” for more information.


Thank you for your continuing support.
Drinks to good health.

President Lee Myeon Bak  Dr Kim Young Kwi

Dr Kim Young Kwi  Mr Kenneth Wong


KYK Awarded KOTRA Seal of Excellence
KYK荣 获韩国际外贸局 2010年最优秀产品封印


Kotra Logo

The KOTRA Seal of Excellence is given to a selected group of Korean companies that meet the highest standards of business. KOTRA proudly recommends the awarded companies and product to you on the basis of their professionalism. The KOTRA Seal of Excellence has been selected through comprehensive examination of their financial soundness, high quality, advanced technology and market position.

May 4, 2010 by Korea International Trade Agency


KYK Service Care Program

When a KYK ionizer arrives at each of our customer’s home or office, we are certain that each ionizer has gone through rigorous testing for optimum built-in sensitivity, performance, and reliability. However, annual inspection and servicing after 2 years of usage is essential for continual long lasting performance. The KYK service packages are designed with a tiered approach, allowing you to select the level of service appropriate to your requirements and your budget. The service plans are offered on an annual or multi-year subscription basis.

Extended Warranty Program


We offer a standard one-year warranty. With the NEW & UPGRADED >99.9% platinized titanium plates, the best of the KYK series of ionizers just got BETTER! Few customers have had issues with the KYK Water Ionizers sold here in Asia, U.S.A. and Europe.
Besides the standard one-year warranty, you can now purchase two(2) or three(3) years of extended warranties at very affordable rates. Contact our Product Specialists to find out more!

Free Delivery and Installation

We offer FREE delivery and installation for locations in Singapore. Recommended installation is to have water supplied from under the sink, and not from the faucet. This is considered an advantage as it frees up the faucet and this is important for many families, both for aesthetic and practical purposes. There will be no extra charges for standard installation involving power supply, water supply and water drain within 1.25m of the Alkaline Water Ionizers.

Education Program

As a responsible member of Singapore Water Association, we offer public education program on to help consumers better understand drinking water – know the differences between purified water, RO water, distilled water and the associated technologies through Water Wellness Workshop. You can also see the Alkaline Water’s health enhancement properties of hydration, antioxidant and detoxification demonstrated before your eyes. Bring down your family and call us now at (65) 8100 6600 to sign up at our Water Wellness Workshop!

Call Us

Mobile: (+63)9175057722. Call us. We are happy to help!

Note: The Hotline is available during office hours only. (Monday to Saturday – 9am to 6pm)


Product Comparison Guide


We use objective criteria based on various consumer review websites in the USA to help you choose the most suitable water ionizer that meet your budget requirements for yourself and your love ones. This is very important as purchasing a water ionizer is an investment and you want to make an informed decision and to ensure your investment is protected for an extensive period. As a service to our customer, we recommend that you begin with the following which is a good reference taken from www.waterionizerauthority.com. Another good source of reference is from www.comparethebrands.com/compare/128


Total Surface Area: Platinum plate size is THE most important aspect when considering a water ionizer. The larger the total surface area, the more effective the electrolysis will be. This increases the percentage of molecules that are ionized which improves the quality of the water created. Not only will the pH be higher, but also the ORP will be lower. Most importantly, a larger percentage of the molecules will be transformed so the water will have more hexagonal, stable molecules. On right side is the point breakdown:


What USA consumer review say about KYK?


Market Leadership


“Here at Water Ionizer Authority, sales of KYK Genesis units… represented 50% of all water ionizer units sold.”


KYK Quality


“We had few customer complaints or issues with KYK Genesis units sold…. given our volume of KYK Genesis sales”


KYK Generation Cost


“Since Water Ionizer Authority began selling the KYK Generation II we have had zero reports of issues with these units, zero returns and 100% customer satisfaction with the KYK Generation II.” Customer satisfaction with the new KYK Generation II has been high and feedback has been positive.
For customers looking for water ionizers in the mid-range price category, the KYK Generation II remains one of our top recommendations. Quality, reliability, “bang for your buck” – the KYK Generation II has it all.


pH Range

It is standard for all machines to create water ranging from a pH of 7.0 to a pH of 9.5. If a water ionizer is functioning effectively, they all offer these pH ranges. However, some machines offer water at higher and lower pH levels, which are used in many different ways. Water at pH ranging from 4 to 6 is called “beauty water” and used to improve skin appearance, hair, and others. Wates at pH ranging from 3-4 are used for things like cleaning vegetables, cleaning the house, etc. Water at pH ranging from 2-3 can be used for disinfecting, killing bacteria, to clean, to eliminate warts, and much more. 1 point is awarded to machines that can produce water at the pH range of 4-6, 2 points to machines that can produce a pH of 3-4, and 3 points awarded to machines that can make water at 2-3 pH.
Ratings done by USA Water Ionizer Authority


SMPS is considered a more advantageous power supply to be used. This system maintains voltage but turns the power supply on and off to adjust to demand. This keeps the machine from overheating plus it enhances the maintenance on the machine as it keeps the current stable. A machine using SMPS gets 1 point.
Ratings done by USA Water Ionizer Authority

Water Flow

Some machines increase the pH by decreasing water flow. Decreasing the water flow is a way for the machine to create water with a higher pH. However, this can be a great annoyance if you want a quick cup of water. Machines that produce greater water flow receive 1 point. These machines adjust for pH in other ways, without sacrificing water flow.
Ratings done by USA Water Ionizer Authority

Filter System

Machines with dual filtration receive 1 point. Dual filtration is considered an advantage as it filters out chemicals and other unwanted items more effectively. Dual filtration is considered newer technology.
Ratings done by USA Water Ionizer Authority

Filter Life

Cost of maintenance is a factor that many people consider. We factor filter life into our ratings as machines that have filters with a short life will cost more to maintain, plus will require more maintenance. If a filter lasts between 4,000 and 8,000 liters, the machine gets 1 point. If the filter lasts more than 8,000 liters, it receives 2 points.
Ratings done by USA Water Ionizer Authority


Machines that can be installed under the counter or have under the counter kits available receives 1 point. This is considered an advantage as it frees up counter space and this is important for many families, both for aesthetic and practical purposes.
Ratings done by USA Water Ionizer Authority


Machines with longer warranties show that the company stands by their products, and if there are problems the machines will be repaired quickly and at no cost. This is a very important component as these machines are expensive and you want to know that your investment is protected for an extensive period. 5 years gets 5 points, 3 years gets 3 points, 2 years gets 2 points, 1 year gets 1 point.
Ratings done by USA Water Ionizer Authority

Money Back Guarantee

This is important for the same reasons above. If your machine doesn’t work properly, you need to know that you can send back the machine and get your money back. Companies with a 60 day money back guarantee receive 2 points and companies with a 30 day money back guarantee receive 1 point.
Ratings done by USA Water Ionizer Authority


Some machines come with the ability to adjust the power settings in order to compensate for water source. For example, areas that have hard water may lower your pH. So you may press your 9.5 water but only get water at a pH of 8.5. By adjusting your power, you can maximize the machine so you can get the right pH based on the button you are pushing. Machines that offer this feature receive 1 point.
Once all the points are added up, the machines with the highest points are considered at the top and given a score of 100. Then the scores for the other machines are normalized.
Ratings done by USA Water Ionizer Authority