Eczema : My skin problem solved

Yoon, Age 9 (Student)
Drink Alkaline Water, apply acidic water on skin.

eczemaThis child’s parents work in a court. They’ve tried several things but nothing healed atopy but made it worse. Her soles were covered with weeping sores so she couldn’t even put on socks. Her body was also covered with weeping sores and the stitches on her cotton underwear irritated her skin, so she had to cut those parts out and barely put it on. She was a smart girl but was alone in school. She became quiet and depressed, and started stealing things. Then they had her drink more than 2 L of this water every day and eat food cooked with it. Also, they sprinkled strong acid water on her skin. They did this for about 6 months and, firstly, the itch reduced, then healed the wounds and removed red spots.

After 1 year, the scars on the skin were gone and blackened skin restored to its original state. Now, no matter what food this child eats, the disease doesn’t recur and she remains completely healed.