Q: Which level of alkaline ionized water should I start drinking with?

A: You should start with alkaline water at level 1, pH 8.5. After about 1 week, then proceed to drink at level 2, pH 9.0 and drink it regularly. For those who have certain chronic health condition, you can proceed to drink regularly at level 3, pH 9.5 after about 1 to 2 week.


Q: What should I expect to feel after I start drinking KYK alkaline ionized water?

A: Majority of our customers shared with us that they (1) felt more energized, (2) experienced improved bowel movement, (3) experienced better skin complexion, within the first few weeks of drinking KYK Alkaline Water. Many customers with certain chronic health conditions also reported improvements in their condition within 3 to 6 months. See ww.h2olifesource.com/testimonials.html for more information.


Q: Is it alright to let a baby drink alkaline ionized water?

A: Yes, It is perfectly fine to let a baby drink alkaline water. If you use mild alkaline ionized water to prepare a baby’s formula milk, the properties of the milk become closer to that of the breast milk. Research showed that a baby who drinks his/her mother’s breast milk is less likely to fall ill; and breast milk is mildly alkaline.


Q: How much water should I drink each day?

A: Basically, you should always drink at least 2 litres of water each day and depending on your situation, you should drink more water; For a person with chronic disease, heavy drinker, smoker, outdoor workers or for athlete, as much as 3 to 4 litres should be consumed. Medically, there is no specifically set amount of water taken each day. Water is an essential part of metabolic function, and to release body wastes.


Q: My body is “cold”. I am afraid of drinking water without boiling.

A: Even if your body is cold or weak, you need not worry about drinking alkaline water. However, you should start drinking by warming up or boiling the water (this does not affect the good properties of the water). After about three (3) months you may not feel “cold” even if you start to drink alkaline water without boiling.


Q. Our stomach is acidic. How does taking alkaline water be beneficial if our stomach is neutralizing the alkalinity of the water?

A: This answer is quite technical, please bear with us. Yes, stomach’s gastric acid is acidic. However, it is produced after food and our stomach does not have acid all the time.
Each time gastric acid (at pH 2.0) is produced, an equal amount of bicarbonate alkaline substance is also produced to line the stomach so that the acid does not damage the stomach. Some bicarbonate alkaline substance is absorbed in the body.
When we drink alkaline water outside meal time, it is absorbed through into the body’s tissues and cells and it is beneficial to our health.
When alkaline water (9.0 or 9.5) is consumed during meals, the powerful gastric acid at pH 2.0 is only marginally neutralized by the alkaline water. When this happens, marginally more gastric acid is produced to maintain the pH 2.0, and therefore more bicarbonate alkaline substance is produced to line the stomach, as well as some is absorbed in the body and therefore alkalize the body.
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