About H2O Life Source

H2O Life Source is the leading alkaline ionized water specialist company in South East Asia. Our company is the official distributor for Korea’s No. 1 KYK Alkaline Water Ionizers, a renowned award winning brand in Korea, Japan and USA.


H2O Life Source is committed to educate consumers about benefits of preventive healthcare and a pH balanced lifestyle. Research has shown that alkaline ionized water is essential to hydrate, energize, anti-oxidize and detoxify our bodies for the pursuits of health and happiness. Each year, hundreds of thousands of alkaline water ionizers are sold in Korea, Japan, USA and worldwide.


H2O Life Source is a pre-eminent company committed to bring the safest and most advanced alkaline water ionizer technology to Singapore and South East Asia.


H2O Life Source is headquartered in Singapore, and we are establishing a network of distributors and franchisees throughout South East Asia.