H20 Life Source Healthful Water Station


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 kyk KYK Alkaline Water Ionizer

We use our top of the line model Gen II to produce true alkaline water. Backed by 30 years of water science research, 130 patents and 30 international awards make KYK Ionizers the most awarded in the world. Our patented slotted electrode plates offers superb ionization performance with Superior 99.99% highest purity platinum to create true alkaline water that maintains its efficacy for a long period.

nano Nano UF Membrane

Our propriety Nano UF Membrane is robust and durable. This Canadian technology is designed to effectively remove bacteria, organics, pesticides, particles and chlorine. It is highly energy efficient which only requires 1-2 bar of water pressure which is significantly less than the typical 7 bar or greater required for a reverse osmosis system. Our design follows for contaminants to be excreted as well as for the membrane to be disinfected which results in prolonged filtration life and low cost of operation.

 filter Filter-Drs

The filter-Dr is extremely compact with a high water processing capacity. This Patented Composite Filter comprises of Micro Fibre melt blown media for low pressure drop, high dirt holding capacity and high retention of dust, rust and particulate contaminants. The Advanced Activated Carbon removes chlorin, chloramines, pesticides, organics and odor.

 ssmodule Stainless Steel Module

Our custom made Stainless Steel Module is designed to be functional, elegant and clean. It houses our UF-DR filtration system which is enclosed by acrylic glass for protection while offering a total view of the system for peace of mind monitoring. The UF-DR is easily installed and accessible for maintenance with our roller platform design. The counter top has space to refill two 5 gallon container of Purified Mineral Water simultaneously as well as traditional sink of washing.

 pump Grundfos Pump (optional)

This Danish designed and produced water pump improves water supply by increasing or stabilizing water pressure. This ensures an uninterrupted, steady flow of water at any time of the day. Outfitted with a unique water cooled system, this Grundfos booster eliminates the noise associated with traditional fan-cooled pumps. It is designed for safe and long lasting usage.